AGR graduate salary survey

26 January 2012

Commenting on the AGR’s winter survey of graduate employment, Russell Group Director General Dr Wendy Piatt, said:

“Despite the economic downturn, a good degree remains a smart investment. Most graduates earn a six-figure premium over those with two A-levels, and Russell Group graduates receive a 10 per cent top-up over those from other universities.

“Employability is embedded into the culture of our universities. Thousands of leading businesses are making Russell Group universities their partner of choice, and we’re going further than ever to produce ‘work-ready’ graduates. For example, the Leeds for Life scheme at the University of Leeds helps students connect their intellectual skills to workplace demands, while the LSE100 initiative enables first year London School of Economics students to learn how social science can be applied to real world problems.

“Our graduates are among the most sought after worldwide. Employers rank six Russell Group universities in the top 13 universities in the world."

Notes to editors

  1. This approximate wage premium can vary considerably according to the subject studied and university attended. Chevalier, A. and Conlon, G. Does it pay to go to a prestigious university? Centre for the Economics of Education, LSE (March 2003)
  2. For further information on ‘Leeds for Life’, see and on ‘LSE100’, see 

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