Brexit talks resume

29 August 2017

Speaking ahead of the next round of Brexit negotiations, the Acting Director of the Russell Group Dr Tim Bradshaw today said it is vital that questions over the Brexit rights of EU and UK citizens are resolved as soon as possible.


Dr Bradshaw’s comments followed reports that a lack of progress on citizens’ rights could see talks on other policy areas stalled until December.


Earlier this month, the Russell Group published a list of ten areas where further clarity over the Brexit rights of EU citizens is required. This list included issues such as the cut-off date after which EU nationals arriving in the UK will not be eligible for settled status.


Commenting, Dr Bradshaw said:


“The extent to which UK government departments and EU negotiating teams have been engaging with us on these issues has been welcome. There is a clear understanding of the degree of uncertainty that Russell Group staff and others are facing. However, reports that agreement on citizens’ rights may not be reached before the end of the year are a concern. Delays can only add to the anxiety that we know EU staff are feeling.


“In entering the next round of negotiations, UK Government should look to build on those areas where there is agreement and resolve outstanding issues such as the cut-off point for settled status as a priority.


“Our message to both sides is clear: EU citizens as well as UK universities and business need urgent answers on the cut-off date after which EU citizens arriving in the UK will not be eligible for settled status. We have called for this date to be the day that we leave the EU and European negotiators have indicated that this is their preferred option too.


“We would urge the UK and EU negotiating teams to do all they can to find solutions on the question of citizens’ rights so talks can move forwards.”

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