Sutton Trust - contextualised admissions

26 October 2017

Responding to new research from the Sutton Trust  on contextualised admissions, Sarah Stevens, Head of policy at the Russell Group, said:

“For many years Russell Group universities have used contextualised admissions and data, and have developed foundation courses to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in accessing higher education.

“This is part of our universities’ wider commitment to ensuring students with the potential and determination to succeed at a leading university have the opportunity to do so, whatever their background or circumstances. In 2017/18 the 20 Russell Group universities in England alone will invest £254 million in scholarships, fee waivers, bursaries and outreach activities aimed at the most disadvantaged in 2017/18. Additional investments will also be made across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“Once at university, Russell Group universities provide disadvantaged students with a combination of academic, pastoral and financial support to help them to flourish.”

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