Education exports

28 July 2017

Commenting on the publication of Department for Education reports on the economic benefit of education exports and transnational education, Dr Hollie Chandler, Senior Policy Analyst at the Russell Group, said:

“This report confirms that higher education (HE) is one of the UK’s most successful export industries. In 2014, the total value of HE exports and transnational education activity was £13 billion. Students from the EU and beyond, studying in the UK, generated over £11 billion of this total, demonstrating the importance of these students to the UK’s economy.

“International students play an essential role in our world-class universities. They contribute to a diverse student body and a thriving society, culture and economy – on campus, in local regions and across the whole UK. They also play a vital role in developing our position as a world-leading research nation and are at the heart of our global partnerships.

“The public mostly wants the same number, or more, international students in the UK. To position the UK as a dynamic and outward looking nation, Government should continue to welcome overseas students to our universities and recognise the value they bring.”

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