Response to Government mandate for negotiating EU future relationship

27 February 2020

Welcoming the inclusion of Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ in the UK’s negotiating mandate [PDF] for the future relationship with the EU, Dr Tim Bradshaw, Chief Executive of the Russell Group, said:

“In the months ahead we hope that both sides see the mutual benefit of these shared programmes and work towards a comprehensive free trade agreement.

“Association to Horizon Europe would support the Government’s prioritisation of research as part of an ambitious strategy that takes advantage of all global opportunities.

“Horizon Europe will be the world’s largest ever programme for multi-country collaborative R&D, bringing together researchers from Europe and beyond, including those from countries such as Australia, Canada and Japan.

“With the budget approaching, the Russell Group has made the case for setting aside sufficient funding to participate in Horizon Europe should an agreement be reached. We will also make the case for maintaining the benefits of Erasmus+ for students, universities and UK influence, and will be supporting the Government in the negotiations ahead.”

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