HEFCE quality assurance review

30 October 2012

Dr Wendy Piatt, Director General of the Russell Group, said:

“We are disappointed that HEFCE have not taken the this opportunity to adopt a genuinely risk-based, light-touch quality assurance regime - especially since the Higher Education White Paper made a commitment to substantial deregulatory change.

“Our universities have a strong track record of success and have been delivering high quality education for decades and in some cases centuries and we believe they should be subject to considerably less inspection and bureaucracy. 

“We are however pleased that HEFCE have asked QAA to vary the intensity of reviews, and it is now essential that the opportunity is taken to lighten the regulatory burden of external review substantially for successful universities with the strongest track record in providing high quality teaching.  Our universities will not flourish if they are over-regulated. International research shows university autonomy leads to better outcomes.”

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