National Student Survey shows satisfaction remains high at Russell Group universities

06 August 2009

Responding to the results of the National Student Survey 2009, a Russell Group spokesman, said:

“In a tough graduate jobs market students are bound to take a hard look at their degree courses but once again the response from students at Russell Group universities has been overwhelmingly positive, with 85% agreeing or strongly agreeing that they were satisfied with the quality of their course.

“Providing a first-class teaching and learning experience is vitally important to our universities and we are constantly assessing how we can improve things for our students.

“The combination of teaching and research excellence in our universities creates an ideal learning environment. It gives students opportunities to engage in research processes; a connection to leading thinkers and world-class experts in their fields; access to first-rate libraries and facilities, and a highly motivated and talented peer group.

“Russell Group universities work hard to ensure that they continue to have high levels of student satisfaction and the lowest drop-out rates. Our priority is to ensure students are able to develop intellectually and socially, and are in a strong position to succeed in a very competitive job market.”

Notes to editors

  1. Question 22 of the National Student Survey asks undergraduates to agree or disagree with the statement “Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course’. Over 85 % of Russell Group students agreed. This compares with an 82% average satisfaction rate across the sector.
  2. The University of Oxford, as a whole, was not included in this year’s NSS data as under 50% of the eligible undergraduate population responded to the survey.

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