OfS review of digital teaching and learning

25 February 2021

In response to the review of digital teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic led by Sir Michael Barber, chair of the Office for Students (OfS), Vanessa O’Donnell, Policy Analyst at the Russell Group, said:

"Over the last year, university staff have adapted quickly to expand digital teaching and learning and we’re pleased their hard work and ingenuity has been recognised by the OfS.

"It is encouraging that so many students have embraced digital learning and the OfS is right that this change should not be seen as a stop gap solution. By building on the hard work and investment of universities over the last year, there is potential for digital methods to further enhance traditional learning and make education more flexible.

"Accessibility is key and our universities have expanded the financial support available to students to help those who might struggle to access technology. We would also encourage the Government to continue addressing other aspects of digital equality, such as access to affordable high-speed broadband across the country."

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