PM Brexit speech

22 September 2017

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s Brexit speech in Florence, Acting Director of the Russell Group Dr Tim Bradshaw said:

“A transitional arrangement to ensure continuity would be a positive step for universities, students and our business partners. An agreement of this sort would pave the way for our continued participation in important EU programmes, including Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ which offer so much to students and the UK.

“I hope the speech today will help provide a basis for substantive progress when talks start again. Urgent agreement on the future rights of EU and UK citizens across Europe is of particular importance to UK higher education and research.

“We urge both sides to work constructively to secure a deal on the first phase of negotiations. We look forward to talks progressing to the future of research and other issues that will have a huge impact on UK universities, our economy and society.”

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