Response to HE Commission report on HE funding

18 November 2014

Dr Wendy Piatt, Director General of the Russell Group of Universities, said: 

“The fundamentals of the student finance system in England are working. Despite significant public funding cuts since 2010 it has helped Russell Group universities in their commitment to providing a world-class education. Given the tremendous benefits most graduates gain from their degrees, it is fair for them, as well as the taxpayer, to contribute towards the cost, when they can afford to do so.

“The Commission are right to say that changes to repayment conditions and allowing the fee cap to rise in line with inflation would make the system more sustainable.  

“However, we would argue strongly against a graduate tax, a system that would be both unfair and unsustainable, break the link between quality and cost, and have no clear benefit to students. 

“We agree with the Commission that the Government should carefully monitor its plans to lift student number controls from 2015 and be ready to reverse them if they threaten the quality of taught provision.”

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