Russell Group universities and the European Union

03 June 2016

The Russell Group of Universities has responded to the Chancellor’s speech about the importance of EU membership to the UK service sector.

Further information about the EU and Russell Group universities is available on our website, including a new publication and case studies showing how UK membership of the European Union enhances world-class research and teaching at Russell Group universities. 

Dr Wendy Piatt, Director General of the Russell Group, said:

"Russell Group universities are engines of economic growth and a vital part of the UK service sector. They have a total economic output of over £32 billion per annum, support over 300,000 jobs UK-wide and are also a major UK export industry, generating overseas earnings of over £4 billion per annum. Our current investment in new buildings and facilities is expected to support more than 98,500 UK jobs.

"EU membership plays a key role in supporting this economic impact. Between 2007 and 2013 Russell Group universities led £3.2 billion worth of EU research programmes that had an estimated economic impact of £35 billion – creating jobs and boosting productivity through innovative new technologies and products.

"The EU also helps us recruit top class academics and students who make a vital contribution to our universities and UK society as a whole.  More than 20,000 members of staff from other EU countries work at Russell Group universities – one fifth of our academic staff – each contributing to our world-class research and teaching.  EU students studying here also contribute £3.7 billion to the UK economy each year and help support around 34,000 jobs.

"The free movement of talent, the networks, collaborations, critical mass of research activity and funding that we gain from EU membership contributes to the competitiveness of our leading universities, the education service sector, and the UK economy as a whole."

Read our new publication about Russell Group universities and the EU.


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