Russell Group signs up to Hefei Statement

28 February 2014

The Russell Group of 24 leading universities in the UK has joined with other global universities to sign up to the Hefei statement.

The statement - named after the city in which it was first signed - outlines ten characteristics of research universities, including the pursuit of excellence, a commitment to research training, and the right to set priorities on academic grounds. 

Dr Wendy Piatt, Director General of the Russell Group, said:

“Russell Group universities lead the world in producing excellent research and possess the critical mass to generate huge economic and social impacts. Our universities are committed to research training, producing around a third of all postgraduate students in the UK, as well as delivering a high-quality student experience, with extremely high satisfaction and employability ratings. Academic freedom is a key component of our universities’ success.

“We are pleased to sign up to the Hefei statement as we want to work together with other university groups overseas, who are also signatories, to promote the fundamental principles of world-class research universities across the world, and to influence the development of higher education and research policy with this in mind.”

The Russell Group has produced its own report, Jewels in the Crown, which similarly outlines the characteristics of a world-class university, including: a high concentration or critical mass of talent; sufficient resources for a comprehensive learning environment; and favourable governance to allow autonomy, innovation and flexibility.

The other signatories to the Statement are the Association of American Universities, C9 League in China, the Group of Eight in Australia, and the League of European Research Universities.

Note to editors

  1. The original statement can be found here.


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