Student immigration

24 August 2017

Commenting on the publication of new immigration exit check data on students and the announcement of a Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) study of the impact of international students in the UK, Acting Director of the Russell Group Dr Tim Bradshaw said:

“International students make an enormous contribution to the UK. We need an immigration system that allows universities to continue to recruit and retain the best minds from around the world.

“This exit check data confirms that in addition to helping create a diverse learning environment and making a big economic impact, an overwhelming majority of international students comply fully with the terms of their visas.

“The first step towards ensuring we have a system that is fit for purpose is accurate data. The decision to reintroduce exit checks was a welcome move on the part of the Home Office in this regard. This publication is an important step forwards, as is the announcement of a MAC review of the value of student migration to the UK.

“We have always been clear that international students are good for universities and good for the UK. We look forward to making this positive case to the MAC.”

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