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13 December 2021

New materials developed by our universities are leading to lighter vehicles, more efficient heating and cooling of buildings, while research is also making manufacturing fit for a sustainable future.

How universities are addressing the challenge of developing new greener materials

UCL and Cambridge – Using AI to improve manufacturing

Carbon Re, a jointly funded spinout, is using Artificial Intelligence to reduce emissions from energy intensive industries such as the manufacturing of cement, steel, glass and other materials.

University of Warwick – bringing recycled materials to industry

Research at the University of Warwick has established the technical and commercial viability of recycled carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP), which means industry can use lighter carbon fibre materials in manufacturing with less of it going to landfill.


Universities of Newcastle and Durham – enhancing energy materials

The universities of Newcastle, Durham and Northumbria have formed the North East Centre for Energy Materials, uniting the expertise at the three universities to tackle a grand challenge of energy materials and stimulate collaboration with local, national and international industry.


University of Liverpool – greener, more efficient and recyclable plastics

Researchers at the University of Liverpool are at the forefront of research that could help deliver new, easily recyclable plastics with the potential to help clean our air and water and provide components for everything from batteries to optics. New production methods that reduce temperature requirements, boost efficiency and make the whole process more eco-friendly.

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