Russell Group response to Sutton Trust research on the impact of the pandemic on assessments and university admissions

29 July 2021

Responding to Sutton Trust research published today (29 July 2021) on the impact of the pandemic on assessments and university admissions, Chantel Le Carpentier, Policy Analyst for the Russell Group, said:

“Students getting their A-level results this year have had a difficult time with their studies and exams disrupted by Covid. Russell Group universities have introduced a range of extra measures such as peer-to-peer mentoring and online study modules to support these students and their transition to university.

“Our universities are being as fair and flexible as possible to ensure students are not unfairly disadvantaged by changes in the awarding of A-levels and equivalent qualifications this year. That commitment is reflected by a year on year increase in offers to 18-year-olds, particularly those from the most disadvantaged areas."

Further information

UCAS June 30 deadline data showed a 4% increase in offers this year by higher tariff universities to UK 18 years olds compared to the same time in 2020. Notably, this increase was higher, 12%, for those students from the most disadvantaged areas (POLAR4 quintile 1).

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