Teach First report on access to university

14 August 2017

Commenting on Teach First’s report “Impossible? Beyond access: getting to university and succeeding”, Jessica Cole, Head of Policy at the Russell Group, said:

“The report is right to highlight the need for good careers advice and guidance. Young people need to be aware of all the options that are available to them.

“Russell Group universities invest a significant amount of time and resources into supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. At our universities, they flourish; just 5% of young students from low participation areas drop out of an English Russell Group university after one year, compared to almost 10% across all other universities in England.

“Our universities work with schools and colleges in their local communities, raising attainment and aspirations through open events, access courses and mentoring.

“By having a diverse range of different programmes and initiatives in place, universities can identify where a particular approach is likely to be of most benefit for disadvantaged students and their local or wider communities.”


Russell Group universities have formed a partnership – Advancing Access – to provide resources for teachers supporting students into university.

Russell Group has developed Informed Choices, a resource for teachers and students in choosing subjects to study.

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