THE World University Reputation Rankings 2012

15 March 2012

Dr Wendy Piatt, Director General of the Russell Group, said: 

“The UK’s leading universities punch well above their weight, and their global reputation remains very strong. 

“But we are concerned that our global competitors in the US, East Asia and Europe are pumping billions into higher education – and money really matters. The UK already spends a lower proportion of GDP on higher education than our rivals and our universities are already doing more with less.

“If the UK is to remain a global leader in higher education, the Government must concentrate investment where it will have the most impact: in our world-class research-intensive universities.” 

Notes to editors

  1. Looking just at public expenditure on higher education, the UK’s investment of 0.6% of GDP is one of the lowest in the OECD (the average is 1.0%). The UK’s total expenditure on HE amounts to just 1.2% of its GDP: a figure which is outpaced by the US (which spends 2.7% of GDP on HE), Australia, Canada, Korea and Japan. 
  2. While our universities are experiencing cuts, other nations are gaining a competitive edge. The UK spends approximately $15,310 (USD) per student, while the US spends $29,910, Switzerland $21,648 and Canada $20,903.

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