UCAS admissions process reforms

28 March 2012

Dr Wendy Piatt, Director General of the Russell Group, said: 

“We are pleased that UCAS has taken on board the widespread concerns about a post-results application system. Despite its apparent simplicity such a system would do nothing to improve access or fairness in university admissions, reducing the time for universities to conduct fair, thorough and holistic assessments of candidates. The main losers would be prospective students and in particular those from disadvantaged backgrounds who benefit from special access schemes, summer schools and other outreach activity.

“As the UCAS report notes, inequalities in access to high-quality information, advice and guidance for prospective students are a serious concern. This is why the Russell Group published Informed Choices, our guide to post-16 subject choices for those with the potential to go to leading universities. Our universities already go to great lengths to provide information, advice and guidance to potential students and are constantly striving to make these efforts even more effective.  

“UCAS is right to start reforming other aspects of the admissions process, including upgrading the online application system, updating terminology, and implementing a gap between the confirmation of places and the start of an improved clearing process.  “We look forward to working with UCAS to ensure that any changes to the existing system are made in the best interests of students and at a manageable pace. Aiming to implement these reforms by 2014 is ambitious and this goal may need to be reassessed as the sector deals with other key reforms.”  


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