UCAS data on Advanced Diplomas

06 June 2009

Responding to UCAS’s publication of entry requirements for university courses in 2010, which includes details on acceptance of the first phase of Diplomas, Director General of the Russell Group, Dr Wendy Piatt, said:

“The Russell Group welcomes the Diploma as a means of expanding the opportunities for potential students from a broader mix of backgrounds and educational experiences to progress to higher education. We recognise the importance of the aims of the Diploma in encouraging students to apply academic learning in a practical context; in tailoring the curriculum to the needs of the student; and in attempting both to stimulate the low achiever and stretch the brightest.

“The extended Diploma will add an important new option within the Diploma suite, giving learners the opportunity to have their achievements recognised within a coherent qualification structure. The opportunity for learners at an advanced level to take higher level maths or English components as well as further specialist learning will be particularly welcome in preparing students for higher education.

“Entry into Russell Group universities is extremely competitive and many of our courses are heavily over-subscribed with highly qualified candidates. We have developed robust and rigorous admissions processes and any new qualification is assessed thoroughly. It is therefore significant that UCAS information for 2010 has shown that Diploma students will be considered for approximately 40% of courses offered by Russell Group universities.

"It is essential that the Diploma sufficiently equips candidates with the skills and knowledge they need to flourish on our courses and we want to be fully assured that any new diploma lines are sufficiently robust and challenging academically. Our member universities are in the process of assessing the academic rigour and general suitability of future diploma lines as a route to higher education.”

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