UK government announces financial safety net for Horizon Europe applicants

01 December 2021

The UK Government this week (29 November 2021) announced a new financial safety net mechanism for successful first wave applicants to Horizon Europe.

Successful applicants for Horizon Europe grant awards will be guaranteed funding regardless of the outcome of the UK’s efforts to associate to the programme, delivered through UK Research and Innovation. This is an important contingency measure to mitigate the effects of prolonged delays to association and provide reassurance to the UK’s world class researchers.

The Russell Group welcomes the Government’s statement that it is ready to formalise UK association to Horizon Europe. This is echoed by Europe's research and innovation community, which called for swift UK association in a letter to the European Commission last month. We hope to see an end to the delay and association confirmed as soon as possible so both sides can unlock the benefits of the UK becoming a full associate member of Horizon Europe.

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