University Mental Health Day 2017

02 March 2017

Commenting on Student Mind's University Mental Health Day 2017 Russell Group Head of Policy Sarah Stevens said:

"While most students thrive at university it is also a time of change and new challenges. It is important that people who might be struggling with mental ill health get the help they need.

"As this year’s University Mental Health Day highlights being active is a great way to keep healthy but if students are concerned about their mental health, help is available. Russell Group universities are investing heavily in support services which provide everything from drop-in surgeries and advice centres to Nightline services and professional counselling. Our members are also researching the causes and treatment for mental health problems."

Notes to editors

There are a variety of services available for students:

Counselling services are available at Russell Group Universities to support students suffering from mental ill-health to help them identify and manage issues which may be affecting their ability to progress with their studies. For example Nightline is a service which is available at a number of member institutions for students who are feeling worried and stressed and want to talk to someone right away.

Many universities offer exercise referrals in collaboration with their sports clubs and gym centres. This can take a number of forms including free gym sessions, one-to-one support with a member of the Sport Team, and tailor-made programmes of activities to boost your activity levels in order to support mental wellbeing. Cardiff University has introduced a 'Walk to Wellbeing' scheme, where students can meet with their peers for a weekly walk to improve their physical and mental health while also experiencing some of the scenic areas of Cardiff.

A number of RGUs offer workshops which are designed to raise awareness of mental health and help equip students with the skills to self-manage their difficulties and improve emotional resilience. This involves engaging with a Wellbeing Advisor and discussing effective strategies to support the management of mental health issues.

Many universities also offer students the opportunity to develop a mental health support plan. These are designed for students who wish to learn how to balance their life and mental health and identify the triggers of mental ill-health. The plan is based around goal setting, building the skills and tools needed to maintain a positive balance of mental health, and will often utilise resources from within the University as well as external agencies

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