Research by leading universities is key to creating a sustainable future for our planet

16 December 2021

Russell Group universities are centres for groundbreaking research and discovery which will be a key ingredient to unlocking the UK's Net Zero future. Across the country, universities are working with each other, as well as with local and national governments, businesses, spinouts, and other stakeholders to drive forward the transition and help the UK meet its climate targets - work which our universities have pledged to continue and collaborate better on.

See how our work across multiple fields is making a contribution to a sustainable future:

-       Climate change, culture and humanities

-       Places and spaces

-       Materials

-       Energy

-       Transport

Read our pledge to collaborate and help deliver climate solutions for a more sustainable world.

Our Director of Policy Sarah Stevens looks at how university research across science and the humanities will be crucial to keeping commitments made at COP26, and for protecting our planet:

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