UUK international students report

06 March 2017

Commenting on Universities UK’s briefing on the economic impact of international students Russell Group Head of Policy Sarah Stevens said:

As the UUK report shows overseas student generate significant income for the UK economy. Overseas students contribute to a diverse student body and a thriving society and culture  – not just on campus but for the UK more widely.  More than that demand from international students is vital to the continued sustainability of many degree courses.

However, the market for international student recruitment is extremely competitive and other countries are already taking advantage of the uncertain position in the UK to grow their overseas student numbers. If universities are to play a key role in ensuring the prosperity and economic security of post-Brexit Britain they must continue to be able to attract the very best students – as well as academics, researchers and other professionals - from around the world. Keeping bureaucratic visa burdens to a minimum and promoting the UK as open for business will be crucial to this. 

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