Improving management within a local SME

The skills and expertise developed by one student at the University of Warwick business school have helped to rejuvenate the management techniques and company culture within a local manufacturing SME. 

Strip Tinning Ltd (STL) is a Birmingham-based SME which manufactures components for the automotive, communication and construction industries. It turned to the research expertise within the University of Warwick business school in order to review and re-develop its strategic management processes and help change company culture.

Through a knowledge transfer partnership, STL were able to gain direct benefit from the research-informed skills of Susanne Tanner, who was carrying out an MSc at the Business School. Working closely with Dr Charles Tennant, the lead academic from the University, Susanne was able to employ research techniques developed within the business school to identify an appropriate management process for the company - a Western adaptation of a Japanese management technique, “Hoshin Kanri” would help meet the company’s goals.

The partnership helped introduce improved management techniques, more effective reviewing and assessment of progress, and an improved company culture which has made a real impact on performance.

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