University of Warwick - new treatments for menopause symptoms

Professor David Haddleton from The University of Warwick started the spin-out company, Medherant, to provide a new generation of transdermal delivery patches based upon a new class of pressure sensitive polymer adhesives.

In the last quarter of 2023, the company carried out a clinical trial of the patch in London with women suffering from menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.


If the patch gets regulatory approval, it would be introduced in the UK, becoming the only testosterone replacement patch available globally.

Testosterone is an essential hormone for women and its production drops heavily after menopause.

Although oestrogen and progesterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patches are available, there is no testosterone version for women suffering adverse symptoms from the menopause.

It is typical for some women to be prescribed doses of gel which is only approved for use on men.

Prof Haddleton said: "The potential of this technology to improve women's lives is huge. The work started at the University is not simply intended for academic publication, but instead is solving a real problem that women are facing everyday in their lives and jobs”.

The new patch is intended to address the gap in menopause products and help women across the world.

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