Briefing – Research security: a shared responsibility

08 July 2024

Universities are key to the UK’s economic and national security. Russell Group universities contribute groundbreaking R&D, delivering innovations that are transforming the way the UK responds to global challenges such as climate change and pandemics, ensuring a safer and stronger nation.

Our universities recognise the strength of their R&D in strategically important fields makes the UK a target for hostile international actors seeking to access and misappropriate university research for their own gain.

Research security is a shared national responsibility, and our universities work closely with government departments and the security services to identify and tackle hostile activity. They have responded to emerging threats by bolstering internal defences with enhanced due diligence, targeted training programmes for key staff and robust policies aligned with government and sector guidance.

Universities recognise more can be done to build on recent progress to help institutions respond quickly to emerging threats. A new Research Security Fund would allow universities to build additional capacity and capability by hiring specialists, upgrading physical and cyber infrastructure, and giving researchers the ability to recognise and manage risks associated with new overseas partnerships more effectively.

Find out more in our briefing.

Briefing – Research security: a shared responsibility

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