CUC proposed Higher Education Remuneration Code consultation

09 March 2018

Universities bring significant social, economic and cultural benefits to the United Kingdom. This is particularly the case for research-intensive universities such as those in the Russell Group, which are anchor institutions for economic growth in their cities, regions and for the UK as a whole.


Our universities are major assets for the UK, providing significant social benefit through their research and innovation work, through links with the NHS, charities and other organisations, and through educating the next generation of talent. In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential that they can attract and retain the right people to run these large, complex and increasingly global operations to deliver the best outcomes for their students and to society at large.

It is important for senior remuneration in universities to be set at appropriate levels, and this should be done through a fair process that is transparent and accountable. Russell Group universities are committed to taking a lead in acting responsibly on this issue and helping rebuild public confidence in the process of setting senior pay. We therefore welcome the CUC consultation on guidelines for senior remuneration in higher education, which covers each of these areas.


CUC proposed Higher Education Remuneration Code

Russell Group responds to consultation from the Committee of University Chairs

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