Russell Group response to DIT Canada Free Trade Agreement consultation

26 July 2021

The Russell Group represents 24 of the UK’s most research-intensive, outward-facing universities. International research and innovation collaborations with trusted partners, such as those from Canada, increase the quality of UK research outputs and will be key in tackling the environmental, economic, and healthcare challenges we face today and in the future.

We can maximise our collaboration and research in sensitive technology areas with trusted partners by exempting Canadian organisations from the new National Security and Investment Act, as the US does.

The UK-Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA) could enhance collaboration by:

  • boosting opportunities for students and researchers to spend time at each other's universities, sharing their knowledge and experience
  • mutually recognising each other's qualifications 
  • developing joint research initiatives and funding mechanisms

Read our full briefing on how the FTA, or parallel bilateral agreements, could enhance UK-Canada research and innovation collaborations: 


Russell Group response: DIT Canada Free Trade Agreement consultation


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