With over 25,000 students – just over 17,000 undergraduates and over 8,000 postgraduates - Queen’s University Belfast is a dynamic and diverse institution at the heart of the city’s cultural, arts and social scenes. It is also one of Belfast’s largest employers, contributing £1.9 billion each year to the economy. 15% of the Queen’s student population are international students originating from over 80 different countries.

Queen’s University has been making a difference to societies locally, nationally and internationally since 1845. Queen’s focus is on shaping the world around us through innovative, impactful and world-leading research which has made positive changes to people’s lives.

Queen’s has developed 100 spin-out companies, delivered £396m in revenue and provided 3,800 jobs. The university is a magnet for inward investment, a patron of the arts and a global player in fields ranging from cancer studies to sustainability, pharmaceuticals to digital innovation.

In the most recent assessment of research quality in UK universities, 88% of the university’s research was rated world-leading and internationally excellent with 99% of research environment assessed at world-leading or internationally excellent.

Queen’s continues to drive forward research focusing on five key areas ensuring a healthy future for all through developing solutions and treatments for diseases.  This work will help deliver a transformative and sustainable economy for future generations; and will lead on the data revolution

Queen’s is at the forefront of delivering future focused solutions to climate change through human environment relations; and will continue its strong history of expertise in conflict resolution and building inclusive and cohesive communities.