Brexit negotiations

19 June 2017

Acting Director of the Russell Group Dr Tim Bradshaw today said that “the clock is ticking” on a Brexit deal as formal negotiations begin in Brussels.

Speaking ahead of the start of talks, Dr Bradshaw warned that UK domestic politics will not have a bearing on the Article 50 deadline. He called for the UK and the EU to press forward and make progress on areas where there is already significant agreement.

Commenting, Dr Bradshaw said:

“We need to recognise that the current situation at Westminster will not have a bearing on the timing of the Article 50 process. Unless we get the agreement of the other EU member states, the deadline for reaching a deal will not change. Leaving the EU without an agreement in place over our future relationship with Europe would have major consequences for UK higher education.

“Debates over what the election result means for Brexit will continue, but the clock is ticking. There are areas where there is significant agreement between the UK and the EU. As talks get underway, we need to ensure that opportunities to make progress are not missed. This starts with guarantees over the rights of EU nationals living and working in the UK, and UK migrants who are living elsewhere in Europe.

“We would also want to see early moves to ensure a frictionless border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and steps taken to protect vital research partnerships that UK universities have built with our colleagues across Europe.”


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