International students report

11 January 2018

Responding to the new study, Russell Group Senior Policy Analyst, Dr Hollie Chandler, said:

“This timely report comes hot on the heels of own recent analysis that showed that every seven non-UK undergraduates studying at a Russell Group university generate £1 million of impact to the UK economy.  It demonstrates unequivocally that the economic benefits of international students far outweigh their costs. And crucially, this benefit is spread across the whole of the UK, impacting on all regions and constituencies.

“The UK needs an internationally competitive offer to continue to attract international students. We also need to ensure international students have a positive experience whilst in the UK; for example, by making the visa process smooth, proportionate and predictable before and during their studies.

“There are 200,000 students from overseas currently studying at a Russell Group university. We hope that the Government, including the new Immigration Minister, will recognise the immense value they bring.”


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