Office for Students to launch review of blended learning

17 March 2022

Following the announcement today (17 March 2022) that the Office for Students (OfS) is to launch review of blended learning at universities, a Russell Group spokesperson said:

"Campus life has returned to normal and all of our universities have resumed in-person teaching, which remains at the heart of the university experience. Students can expect seminars, small group classes and lab work to be taught in-person, alongside a range of extra-curricular activity, social events and support services on campus.

"Our universities’ focus will always be on providing a high-quality teaching and learning experience for students, including by adapting to new technologies, pedagogic insights and opportunities as they arise, as well as learning from what works well.

"For more than a decade, an element of digital learning has been used successfully to enhance teaching and learning and that will continue – for example with flipped lectures where students do background work ahead of in-person sessions. We also know many students welcome the additional flexibility and accessibility that digitally enhanced learning can provide."

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