Response to a Guardian story on research funding

24 November 2013

Commenting on a Guardian story about the Government's budgets, Dr Wendy Piatt, Director General of the Russell Group, said:

“We sincerely hope there won’t be any cuts to the research budget. It has already been frozen since 2010 and with inflation leading to rising costs the pressure is beginning to show.

“Spending on research pays both economic and social dividends and research-intensive universities are the engine rooms of long-term, sustainable growth and prosperity for the whole country.

“Our international competitors are investing heavily in science, research and innovation and the UK can ill-afford to lose researchers or top quality facilities. Government investment must be focused where it will have the most impact.

“It’s also important that high cost subjects such as medicine, engineering, chemistry and physics are protected as they are extremely important to the future success of the economy.

“The UK spends a lower proportion of GDP on research and higher education than our rivals and our universities are already doing more with less.”


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