Russell Group response to measures to support Ukrainian research community

28 March 2022

Following the Government announcement (27 March 2022) of a £3 million package for Ukrainian researchers at risk and a halt to funding to all research programmes found to have links to Russian state, a Russell Group spokesperson said:

"Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, our members have prioritised support for staff and students in the UK or overseas who have been affected, including providing visa advice and helping students return from Ukraine and Russia. They will continue to do so for as long as this is needed and are actively exploring what further support they can offer. The £3 million package of support announced by the Government will provide a welcome boost for Ukrainian nationals involved in academic research and help them to continue their important work.

"We support measures taken by the Government to stop funding for research programmes linked to the Russian state and institutional collaborators, without unfairly penalising individual students and academics, many of whom are equally as appalled by the Kremlin's actions. Our universities have reviewed any collaborations or other links they may have had with Russia and are taking appropriate action."

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