Russell Group response to the Labour Council of Skills Advisers' report

27 October 2022

In response to the report of the independent Labour Council of Skills Advisers, Jess Cole, Director of Policy at the Russell Group, said:

"The report is right to highlight the importance of investment in high-level skills to the country’s long term economic growth and productivity. Our universities are at the heart of this, delivering technical as well as academic education to address national priorities and local skills needs, including working with colleges and businesses to offer degree apprenticeships as well as lifelong and flexible learning pathways.

"With the needs of the economy constantly evolving, it is critical that those entering the workplace have the skills and experience needed to succeed. Our universities work closely with business to ensure our teaching is responsive to industry needs, technological advancements, and societal challenges. This is reflected in more than 80 percent of working Russell Group graduates securing a highly skilled job, with the majority supporting the regional economy by staying local to their university after graduation.

"To safeguard a high-quality, innovative, skills-driven education for future generations of students, it’s vital we address one of the largest challenges the sector will face in the coming years – finding a long-term, resilient and sustainable funding model that is fair to students, the taxpayer, and protects the pipeline of skills the economy needs."


Russell Group analysis shows that as a result of rising student demand, rapidly increasing costs and frozen tuition fees without an equivalent uplift in teaching grants up to 2024/25, the average deficit per UK undergraduate taught is set to more than double from £1,750 in 2021/22 to around £4,000 in 2024/25, with deficits across all subjects.  

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