Sutton Trust report on applications to research-led universities

11 August 2009

Responding to the Sutton Trust/BIS report on applications to research-led universities, Director General of the Russell Group of Universities, Dr Wendy Piatt, said:

“We welcome the finding that young people with similar attainment succeed in getting on to the most academically demanding degree courses regardless of the type of school or college they attended.

“But we cannot offer places to students who do not apply. All pupils must be given accurate information about higher education and it is particularly important that pupils from families who haven’t been to university, or who have less knowledge about higher education than others are given robust support and guidance at school. We are especially concerned by the evidence that some teachers may not be encouraging students to consider Russell Group universities.

“Russell Group universities have undertaken a raft of initiatives to help raise attainment and aspirations by working closely with local schools, colleges and community organisations, organising summer schools, and providing access courses. They spent £45 million of additional fee income on outreach and bursaries last year (2007/08).”

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