UK and German universities pledge to develop a stronger partnership to address global challenges

12 September 2023

Research-intensive universities in the UK and Germany have promised to build a stronger partnership, reflecting how important international research collaboration is in addressing the pressing challenges of today, including climate change, future pandemics and new disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The joint statement was signed by the Russell Group and German U15, which represent some of the most research-intensive institutions in their respective countries, during a meeting at the University of Hamburg on 12 September. Both sides will focus on deeper research collaboration, opportunities for student and faculty exchanges, and increasing the pooling of resources and expertise between universities to address global challenges.

The statement was signed just days after a historic deal for full UK association to the world’s largest research collaboration programme, Horizon Europe, was confirmed. Both countries have highlighted how important UK involvement in the scheme will be for UK-German cooperation as well as boosting science, research and innovation across Europe.

Commenting, Dr Tim Bradshaw, CEO of the Russell Group said:

“Today’s meeting underlines the strength of the relationship between the UK and Germany. Our two countries are each other’s most important scientific partner in Europe and deepening the strong links between the Russell Group and U15 will help reinforce this unparalleled partnership, which will benefit science, innovation and research across the whole continent.

“With the Horizon deal agreed last week, this is the perfect time to showcase what deep collaboration and cooperation between research-intensive universities across Europe can bring to society through pooling and sharing resources.

"The Hamburg Statement commits to ensuring research and innovation are at the centre of delivering the advances all countries need for the future. We stand ready to work together with our partners and governments as they take action to address our common challenges and seize our shared opportunities.”

The Statement confirms that the 39 universities covered by the Hamburg Statement will, as a group:

  • Enhance Research Collaboration through promoting deeper research collaborations between institutions, supporting joint research projects and interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Foster Student and Faculty Exchange through expanding opportunities for student and faculty exchanges, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, culture, and perspectives to enrich the academic experience for all
  • Pool Expertise in Areas of High Social Impact by expanding bilateral exchanges focused on addressing pressing global challenges
  • Promote Inclusivity and Diversity by working together to ensure that our collaborations are inclusive and diverse, reflecting the global nature of the challenges we seek to address.
  • Engage with Stakeholders by actively engaging governments, industry, civil society, and other stakeholders to amplify the impact of our research and to advocate for evidence-based policymaking.

 Download the full Hamburg statement here:

Hamburg Statement

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