Community policing in Los Angeles via the University of Leeds

The research expertise of a University of Leeds academic has helped to advise and inform new approaches to community policing within the second largest city in the US.

Lieutenant Mark Stainbrock, a veteran from the Los Angeles Police Department, came to West Yorkshire on a six-month Fulbright Police Research Fellowship in 2007 to study British community policing and to benefit from the expertise of University of Leeds academics.

The research of Lieutenant Stainbrook, who has received over 50 commendations, was overseen by theology and religious studies lecturer Dr Alistair McFadyen of the University of Leeds, who also serves as a special constable for West Yorkshire Police. His research saw Stainbrook going on patrol with police officers, meeting with leaders of the Central Jamia Mosque and holding workshops.

Through his research, Stainbrook returned to the States with a toolkit of practical ideas for police officers, most of whom, according to Stainbrook, had a limited understanding of Islam or the ‘big picture issues’.

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