Discovering new materials at the University of Liverpool

The Centre for Materials Discovery (CMD), based at the University of Liverpool, provides a research centre and a research and knowledge transfer service to academia and industry in the area of high throughput materials discovery.  

Building on the strong base of academic expertise within Liverpool, and working closely with other universities in the North-West, the centre aims to support businesses by providing access to leading research, training for industry personnel, and world-class facilities such as robotics and advanced ICT.

The Centre is explicitly targeted at the use of research excellence to support business endeavour, particularly businesses based within the Northwest. Figures provided by the university in 2010 indicated that, after three years, the centre has had a major impact within the Merseyside region, including:

  • 245 Merseyside net jobs created
  • 65 NW businesses received advice
  • 27 Merseyside SMEs receiving assistance
  • More than 70 individuals trained in ‘High Throughput’ techniques
  • £5.85M Net Value Added to the Merseyside region.

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