Exeter Progression for talented pupils

Exeter Progression is a South West-based programme which offers bright young people from under-represented groups in higher education a guaranteed pathway to a place at a research-led university.

Students aged 17-18 (Year 12) from target schools in Devon and Cornwall take part in a two-year progressive programme of activities, which give them insights into subjects at university level, what it is like being a student and general guidance on higher education.


Students who complete the scheme successfully receive an alternative offer of two A-level grades or equivalent below the standard entry offer, subject to fulfilling subject-specific requirements, admissions tests and interviews. 

Findings show that STAR (the predecessor to Exeter Progression) consistently resulted in a higher than national average percentage of participants submitting an application through UCAS. In particular the percentage of male participants submitting a UCAS application has consistently been above the national average, with 50% or more of the boys from each cohort applying. Feedback from partner schools notes that students taking part in Exeter Progression show an increased enthusiasm for their studies, along with an increase in support from their parents.


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