Novel technologies to develop clean fuel and low-carbon energy

Oxford Catalysts Group is a University of Oxford spin-out company formed to commercialise research originating in the Department of Chemistry. Based on over 18 years of research by Professor Malcolm Green and his more recent partnership with Dr Tiancun Xiao, the company markets technology based on a number of novel catalysts for generating clean fuels.

The company recently floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) branch of the London Stock Exchange, with an initial market valuation of $50m.

In addition to its significant financial return, however, the company has the potential to create real environmental benefits in the area of energy and fuel production. The catalysts which it markets have broad ranging application, including removal of sulphur from crude oil fractions, generating virtually sulphur free liquid fuel from natural gas, coal or biomass, and converting biogas into syngas in order to generate liquid fuel.

Another innovative application of the technology is the generation of instant steam, at temperatures ranging from 100 – 600degrees centigrade, which has the potential to serve as a source of green energy in the form of motive power or electricity.

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