Realising the full potential of global stem cell research

A project coordinated by the University of Edinburgh and funded by the European Commission has made Europe – and the UK in particular – a leader in stem cell research.

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Research on stem cells is providing new ways to prevent, alleviate, and cure a wide range of previously untreatable diseases and injuries. But, in this rapidly evolving field it can be difficult for patients, doctors and the public at large to find reliable, up-to-date information.

Academics at Edinburgh co-ordinated more than 100 researchers from 27 of Europe's best stem cell labs to develop new methodologies, media and tools to communicate the latest research and the potential health benefits of stem cell technology.

EuroStemCell's training and networking programme helped build a strong European base for stem cell research, and established the annual Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine summer school in Hydra, which more than a decade on continues to train the next generation of stem cell scientists. 

A central online hub for information is helping people around the world better understand stem cell research and how it benefits our health.

This project has enhanced knowledge-sharing among researchers, raised the public profile of stem cell research, presented career opportunities to young scientists and put Europe – and the UK in particular – at the heart of stem cell research.

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