Briefing: Strengthening security and building UK resilience

02 February 2023

The UK is facing wide-ranging and rapidly shifting threats. Research and innovation being carried out at our universities is helping transform the way the UK is able to anticipate and respond to risk associated with everything from cyber-attacks to climate change, health and much more.

Russell Group universities continue to work closely with government, businesses and others as we seek to secure a strategic advantage for the UK through science and technology.

Technological breakthroughs drive economic growth, but they also mean the nature of the threats we face as a nation are evolving constantly. R&D and innovation activities at Russell Group universities help give the UK the tools it needs to keep us all safe while remaining flexible enough to respond to new and emerging dangers.

Global threats like climate change have no quick solutions, but Russell Group research is playing a fundamental role in the UK’s race to Net Zero and boosting the security of our energy supply. Energy is an area where the UK has an opportunity to gain a strategic advantage through science and technology, and boost domestic resilience to international supply shocks.

The UK’s ability to respond quickly and flexibly to the pandemic was testament to the strength of our universities and wider R&D ecosystem, but also the result of the decision of successive governments to invest over many years in fundamental, blue skies research that helped us prepare for a future emergency.

Read our full briefing below to find out more.

Briefing: Strengthening security and building UK resilience



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