Joint statement on proposed changes to EU data protection regulations

14 June 2015

The Russell Group signed a joint statement with research charities and organisations calling on the European Parliament, Commission and Council to maintain exemptions that will vital research to continue under proposed new data protection regulations.

Personal data provide a vital resource for health and other scientific research to benefit society and save and improve the lives of patients. It is essential that the European institutions find a compromise position that enables vital research to continue under the Data Protection Regulation.

We ask the Council of Ministers, European Parliament and European Commission to demonstrate their shared commitment to research by finding a compromise position, in trilogue negotiations, that:

  • maintains important exemptions for health and scientific research, including an alternative means to allow processing of personal data for research where consent is not practicable
  • includes proportionate safeguards to protect data subjects’ interests and ensure exemptions are used appropriately
  • seeks harmonisation where possible, but allows necessary flexibility for Member States to implement culturally and socially acceptable solutions.

Joint statement on proposed changes to EU data protection regulations

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