MAC response Nov 19

08 November 2019

The Russell Group, as a representative of 24 leading universities, has responded to the Migration Advisory Committee's call for evidence for its salary threshold and points-based system commission. It points to an immigration system that will attract global talent, keeping the UK at the cutting edge of research.

Download the full response below.

What’s in the document:

  • A recommendation to remove the salary thresholds for entry and settlement to EU nationals and reasons why.
  • Suggestions on how to reform salary thresholds in the short-term, such as including pro-rated thresholds that will accommodate part-time staff and reflect modern ways of working.
  • An indication of the groups of people and occupations that might be affected by such reform or lack of it.

We need the right people with the right skills to contribute to research, whether they are experts, starting out in their careers, or are working part-time like more than a quarter of staff (26%) at Russell Group universities.

  • Suggestions to enable universities to maintain recruitment levels so that research institutions are properly staffed and able to continue their valuable work.
  • Ways to allow skilled workers to make the most of their university training and stay for longer in the UK, instead of feeling like they must leave, taking their talents and expertise with them.
  • The potential and pitfalls of a points-based immigration system and its implications for higher education and research. 

Download the full report here.

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