Russell Group priorities for the Teaching Excellence Framework

20 December 2019

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) forms part of the Government’s ambition to provide meaningful information about the quality of universities and courses to prospective students. As universities dedicated to enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning we provide, the Russell Group shares this ambition, but has serious concerns about the quality of the data being provided, particularly at a subject-level. 

Our policy paper which outlines our priorities for TEF contains:

  • Recommendations on how we can improve provider-level TEF including how it could incorporate information about students’ experiences at subject level.

  • Ways to enhance provider-level TEF that would give prospective students more granular information, based on robust data, to help them make informed choices about which courses to study and where

  • An outline of how Russell Group universities are improving teaching and learning, and ways in which they and the regulator can improve the quality of teaching provision 

Read the full policy paper here:

Russell Group priorities for the Teaching Excellence Framework (December 2019)

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