Evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee review of the Tier 2 (skilled worker) visa route

18 September 2015

A strong base of international talent enables research-intensive universities to remain globally competitive and is fundamental in underpinning excellence in research, innovation and education that helps to drive economic growth.

We are concerned that the cumulative impact of the proposals being considered by the Migration Advisory Committee could have significant negative consequences for the UK’s universities and research base. Careful consideration is needed before any reforms are made to the Tier 2 route to ensure universities can continue to recruit and retain world-leading academics and researchers and to attract talented international students.

Under the proposed changes on minimum salary thresholds, for example, our universities would no longer be able to sponsor the majority of international researchers and academics under Tier 2 on current salary levels. Universities have neither the ability nor the resources to increase salaries accordingly to reach the new proposed thresholds. If taken forward, these changes could therefore create significant challenges for UK research and higher education.

Evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee review on Tier 2 (skilled worker) visas

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