Russell Group: Brexit briefing

13 February 2017

We welcome the reassurances the Government has been able to give on EU students, Horizon 2020 and regional EU funding so far. Our universities are just as open and welcoming to students, staff and ideas as we were before the EU referendum and we will continue to work with partners across Europe and more widely to boost the UK’s international competitiveness.

The referendum result will have a significant impact on our universities and thus on the wider communities, business and other partners they work with. Uncertainty over the UK’s future relationship with the EU is in itself is a major concern.  

As anchors for growth in their regions and nationally, Russell Group universities contribute over £32 billion a year to the UK economy. There is an opportunity now for UK universities and science to be at the heart of the Government’s new Industrial Strategy as key drivers of economic growth, productivity and innovation.

Key priorities for the Government in the upcoming negotiations with the EU should be:

(a)          Ensuring UK universities can continue to recruit and retain talented staff and students from across the EU and more widely without bureaucratic visa burdens

(b)          Ensuring the UK can continue to have full access to and influence over Horizon 2020 and future EU research and innovation programmes and infrastructures

(c)          Ensuring the UK can continue to participate in the Erasmus+ programme.

May 2017 Brexit briefing

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