HEFCE report on improving information for students

03 April 2014

Commenting on research into prospective students' decision-making, Dr Wendy Piatt, Director-General of the Russell Group of universities, said:

“We welcome moves which make it easier for prospective students to make choices about where to study. The findings in this report echo what we have said previously; we have repeatedly warned that quantative data can have its limitations and we urge students to read up on courses, go to open days and talk to careers advisers and others to find out what degree course will suit them. 

“Learning at university is a very different experience from learning at school and different disciplines will require different ways of learning. That’s why data has a part to play but should not be at the expense of other important considerations.  

“Universities are being urged to invest time and effort in providing ever more information for students.  Unless there is evidence that such information is genuinely helpful to students, then those resources might be better spent elsewhere, such as teaching and learning."

Note to Editors

  1. The full report from HEFCE is available here.

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