INSPIRE medical research at Bristol

INSPIRE is a competitive national programme that medical schools can apply to for funding to encourage undergraduate medical students to get involved in research.

The University of Bristol has taken part for the past four years, and has been successful in winning funding, which was used by the university to provide initiatives and awards for students who get involved in research.  Students are encouraged to work together and Bristol has created and ‘open door’ arrangement with Cardiff, Exeter and Plymouth Universities so that students can arrange visits to see what research is being carried out.


Students spend 6-8 weeks working on a project, supported by the university’s researchers, to help direct the research. Students are also offered prizes for their research and have the opportunity to present their work to peers and staff at showcases. INSPIRE at Bristol has led to more students producing research papers and applying to do PhDs.

A student research journal has now been launched, curated by the students, to publish their work. This opportunity for publication is vital for students who want to move into further research because it provides an example of their work when applying for funding. The INSPIRE programme has helped medical students to become more aware of the research taking place in the university and the opportunities available to them.

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